from my personal collection of vintage sheet music, 1914

 How far back for the Roots of Sixties Music? The century came in with a musical BANG. Throughout the book, I attempt to put the Sixties in perspective vis-a-vis the century. In 1900, we see how popular music was already infiltrating the upper classes and working classes, and how music saturated most everyone’s emotional center. We will make a brief foray into the early roots of country, soul, blues, and rock, and see how it affected the American psyche. We will underline the important role that Black music played, be it from Detroit, New Orleans, the Caribbean, or Africa. Then we will glimpse at how it meshed and interplayed with the early Irish fiddlers and tappers, the New Orleans French Cajun players, the Eastern European composers, and the British blues afficionados. Only to show that no one got so completely saturated with music as did the Baby Boomers. It was not just a background soundtrack. It was THE foreground.

from an exhibit of handmade African flags at the Ethnic Art Gallery, Balboa Park, San Diego.