Spiritual Cosmic World

The final frontier to explore was the Invisible world of the Spirit and Psyche. “This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius,” sang the cast of Hair. John Lennon wrote:  My mother was of the sky, my father was of the earth. But I am of the universe…” The cosmos was suddenly our playground.  Our home. After covering every possible avenue of escapism, fantasy, pleasure, high altruism, and attainment in the past and the future, we can now enter the realm of the purely Spiritual.  

Amitayus Mandala

The Sixties was an opening into a larger context to ask the bigger questions, such as: What is our purpose on this earth? Affiliating with a particular club [denomination] on a straight [and very narrow] path no longer seemed to make sense. Of course, the omnipotent powers emanating through the universe would embrace all peoples, all planets. How could it be otherwise? Right away, we/they felt that God was Love, and in Everything. God was more accessible, and the intermediaries were no longer necessary. From the Sixties onward and nowhere more truly than right now, we can access Source when we are still and breathing into our soul, sometimes called our God gene. We seek a truly grounded awareness of ourselves in the present moment. Be Here Now was the simple advice of our late American scientist and guru Ram Das, and the title of his landmark 1971 book.

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